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Today: Dec 8, 2019
  Notice: The services provided by will soon be incorporated into a new, global service information website. At that time, this website will cease operation and the current URL will redirect users to the new website. Long-term subscriptions ordered from the current website will be transferred to the new website, but users with no active subscriptions will need to create a new user profile on the new website when it is launched.

Maserati North America, Inc. would like to welcome you to Maserati’s Technical Information On-line Bookstore for the North American market, which includes Canada and Puerto Rico. This website allows you to purchase a subscription to factory authorized service and parts information used by Maserati dealers.

Click here to view the document types that are available with a paid subscription. An account will be required to purchase an on-line subscription.

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A subscription allows you access to all service information for all models. After you have subscribed, a new link in the menu called Technical Information will be available for accessing the information.
This site is for independent repair shops/facilities in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico ONLY. For any market other than North America click here.

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